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Army Benefits Center-Civilian (ABC-C) Date of Retirement (DOR) Change or Withdrawal ABC-C, 305 Marshall Avenue, Ft. Riley, KS 66442-5004, Fax Number (785) 239-6228, or DSN 856-6228. I, (printed name
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Hello hello Matt speak to Donna pleasethis is Donna speaking hold on for amoment let me put you on speakerphone hiDonnamy name is faith and I'm calling fromthe HR assured service center to conductyour optional retirement informationsession how are you doing today I'm kindof nervous but excited I understand howyou're feeling I will be assisting youtoday with your retirement paperwork toensure everything is completed correctlyand providing you additional informationthis session is designed to guide youthrough the retirement process andprovide you with information concerningthe annuity survivor benefits health andlife insurance and other benefits aswell for your FERS retirement now pleasehave your Bluebook annuity estimate ourTR retirement plan correct report or theprior service history printout from yournewly estimate ready before we getstarted now are you ready to get startedyes I've got my book an estimate infront of me great let's first reviewyour annuity estimate and we're going tostart at the top left quarter the topleft quarter shows your credible serviceincluding 50 percent of your unused sickleave using full months and years ofservice and your high three averagebelow beginning January the 1st of 2014FERS employees will receive 100% creditfor their unused sick leave the lowerleft quarter shows your salary for thepast three years and high three averagesalary does the high three averageinclude my current higher level detailassignment No ashna's do not includehigher level detail overtime or nightdifferential however the office ofpersonnel management will use the higherlevel detailto compute your high three averagesalary again I would like to reiteratethat over time and night differential isnot included in your high three averageI understand now moving to the lowerright quarter shows what your grossannual monthly annuity payment would bewith and without a survivors annuitybased on your retirement computationdate and annuity computation date whatis the difference between retirementcomputation date and annuity computationdate the retirement computation date isused to determine your eligibility toretire annuity computation date is usedto compute the actual amount of yourannuity for more detail an explanationis provided with your annuity estimateoh okayin addition for employees who retire atthe minimum retirement age with at least10 years but less than 30 years ofservice the annuity will be reduced atthe rate of 5/12 of 1% per month or 5percent for each year you are under age62 the annuity already reflects the agereduction as my health insurance alreadybeen taken out of this amount know theamount shown is the gross amount nobenefit premiums have been withheldlet's move to the top right quarterwhich reflects your retirementcontributions annual leave earnedbalance terminal leave payment based onthe date this report was calculated andyour current life insurance coveragethis estimate...